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NUST Entry Tests (NET)

From 2013, NUST has started to take all of its admission tests Online (Computer Based). So it is inevitable to take practice tests online. A student should not take risk of low score due to poor interaction to the system. Take Practice tests online and have targeted score.

Based on Exact Test Format

All practice tests are strictly based on NUST test pattern. The type and style, Difficulty Level of the questions, and Number of questions in each test are exactly similar to the NUST standard.

Conducttion of Test and Similar Interface

We have developed a similar interface of the testing module, so that a test taker feel comfortable during real test environment. The test is conducted in a similar fashion as the real test does.

Available Formats

NUST Entrytest (NET) Practice tests are available for Engineering, Medical, BBA, and other bachelor level admission tests. 5 full length practice tests are enough to have competence to meet the standards of NET.

Join to Take Practice Tests Online

If you want to have targeted score in NET - NUST Entrytest, take practice tests online. Prepare anywhere and by any mean but evaluate your preparation level and familiarize yourself with NET test methodology.

Instant Activation

Once you deposit the required fee and complete the application form, your account will be activated within 5 to 30 minutes. After activation you can start taking tests.